World first bionic penis attached in Scotland

World first bionic penis attached in Scotland


A man in Edinburgh, Scotland just got himself an eight-inch (20 centimeters) bionic penis and is the first bionic penis ever done in the world. The man, who goes by the name of Mohammed Abad, is 43 years old and has lost function in his genitals since he was six. It occurred during a car accident in his childhood. Mohammed got hit by a car and subsequently got dragged by it for up to 180 meters (600 feet).

It all changed three years ago as a team of doctors started working on a way to solve his problem. The doctors started taking skin grafts from his arm at the time in order to make a bionic penis for him. Finally, this year, it has been attached to his body after an 11-hour operation. It is eight inches long and whenever he needs an erection, there is a button in his scrotum that allows a fluid to pass through two tubes along the length of the penis, inflating it as a result. The fluid is stored in an implant in his stomach region.

The 11-hour bionic penis operation [Image Courtesy of IFL Science]

Mohammed explained it to The Sun. He said, “When you want a bit of action you press the ‘on’ button, When you are finished you press another button. It takes seconds. Doctors have told me to keep practicing.”

Another good thing about the bionic penis is that it also allows him to start his own family. During the time of the accident, Mohammed lost one testicle but fortunately for him, the other one is still intact.

Bionic penis mechanism [Image Courtesy of The Sun]

In a similar story, a man from South Africa got the world first penis transplant this March. This 21-year old man, who refuses to disclose his identity, also lost the function of his penis after a complication during his circumcision. Thanks to the success of the transplant, he is set to be a father very soon.

Source: IFL Science