Two Engineering Students Invent A Sonic Fire Extinguisher

Two Engineering Students Invent A Sonic Fire Extinguisher


Two engineering students invented a new generation fire extinguisher that puts out flames by only playing heavy bass.

It might sound like an amazing party-toy but this sonic fire extinguisher actually can put out a fire with sound waves spread through a mobile subwoofer gun.

Killin’ da fi-ya!

Based on the idea of quenching fires with heavy bass sound, two engineering students from George Mason University in Virginia developed an unusual fire extinguisher. When compared to the chemical compound of classic extinguishers, their invention offers the cleanest way to put out flames.

[Image Source: George Manson University]

The device is consisted of an amplifier and a cardboard collimator to focus the sound. The duo’s final prototype cost them only about $600 to develop the 9 kg device.

Seth Robertson and Viet Tran still work on the development of the device for it to be effective on larger fires. Even if they initially envisaged their invention to be used on small fires such as grease fires on stovetops, their mechanism has a potential to be combined with many different systems as well.