Toyota’s hydrogen-powered FCV Plus Concept can power your house

Toyota’s hydrogen-powered FCV Plus Concept can power your house


Hydrogen is a gas with high energy potential when used in high concentrations. With this in mind, Toyota has been working on cars that use this energy source as fuel, which would theoretically make them very environmentally friendly. The latest of these models is the Toyota FCV Plus, a tiny but very futuristic car that will be presented at Tokyo Motor Show later this month.


The car is very compact, but inside, it seems quite spacious. This is because each wheel has its independent embedded motor, and the fuel cell stack sits between the front wheels. The exterior of the car is mostly made of a transparent material, which ensures optimum field of vision for the driver and for the passengers. As this is only a concept, more detailed technical information hasn’t been released about it yet, like top speed and it’s autonomy on a single hydrogen tank.


However, the company has already announced that the car could serve as an electricity generator for small houses or even for those who like to camp in remote locations. So we can imagine that the hydrogen conversion capacity in the car is quite interesting.


Source and Images: Toyota