Tokyo’s anti-drone squad takes down insurgents using their own police drones

Tokyo’s anti-drone squad takes down insurgents using their own police drones


 [Image Source: The Verge]

If pesky unyielding drones are flies, then Japan just countered with the coolest fly net known to man. Tokyo recently just launched its first anti-drone squad dedicated to ridding the dense urban area of unruly drones. The drone ban has been in effect for while now but flagrant insurgents and their flying contraptions refuse to adhere to laws. Tokyo fights back to keep the skies free of these floating menaces with its new anti-drone squad.

The technique is actually pretty impressive to watch, operating on six-rotors and pulling a 6ft by 4ft net along with it. The use of the net comes strategically after the anti-drone squad realized the net helps with not having the insurgent drone fall onto civilians once captured. Police on the ground will also be equipped with speakers encouraging the operator, assuming they in the vicinity, to back down and submit over the drone.

The anti-drone squad comes after a mishap threatened the safety of the Japanese prime minister. Earlier this year an unidentified drone had penetrated security borders and expelled radioactive sand onto the roof of the prime minister’s office. Speculating that it was a minor act out against the country’s nuclear energy policy, rather than a serious threat on the leader — Tokyo’s police department thought it would still be necessary to create a defense against this new airborne league of tyrants.

Last month drone maker DJI introduced new geofencing capabilities to keep its products from flying over restricted areas. Currently, Tokyo has the only known defense against these rebel drones and measures to stop and cease the plight mid-flight with a net. But as the use of drones to carry out threats increases, so do defense leagues like Tokyo’s anti-drone squad. Check out the police drone in action below.

Sources and Images: Popular Science