The Mystery of the Bermuda Triangle has Finally Been Solved

The Mystery of the Bermuda Triangle has Finally Been Solved


There may finally be an answer to the mystery that has cost many their lives off of the coast of the Bahamas. Many ships and planes have been known to disappear in the infamous Bermuda Triangle, and now, scientists believe they have found the answer. No, it’s not aliens, but it does involve giant craters and explosions of gas. Researchers at Arctic University of Norway believe that large build ups of methane gas in the sea floor triggered violent eruptions capable of sinking ships.

[Image Source: NOAA]

The gas eruptions may not be the whole picture, but due to the numerous craters found scattered throughout the Bermuda Triangle, it is believed that they would be the main cause. The craters would have been left behind from quick release of built up gasses.

Bermuda Triangle mystery solved by ‘enormous gas blowouts’ on ocean floor

— IBTimes UK (@IBTimesUK) March 13, 2016

The rising gas bubbles would essentially lower the density of the seawater, which would cause ships to sink, or possibly even become enveloped by water depending on the severity of the explosion. The large upward force could also be capable of snapping ships in half through the expanding gas bubble, much like how moored naval mines work. Each crater found in the sea floor was upwards of 45 meters deep and 3/4 of a kilometer wide. These large expanses would have held many thousands of cubic meters of methane, resulting in violent turbulence when released.