The Alfa Romeo Spirito motorcycle is not your standard motorcycle

The Alfa Romeo Spirito motorcycle is not your standard motorcycle


If you found yourself starring at the thumbnail, trying to figure out how this unconventional shape takes on the form and functionality of a motorcycle, I promise you are not alone.

The Italian car manufacturer, Alfa Romeo prides itself on edgy designs and race car features matched with top performance and brazen colors. All of this in one fleet of cars, yet they will never use the term “car”.

” [our] vehicles are conceived in order to achieve the best technical performance and maximize driver’s sensations: we don’t make cars, we create automobiles.”

Bucket seats and sleek interior send a message that you are not to just glide through the streets in a Alfa Romeo but contest the agility, speed and performance of one of these vehicles. It makes total sense that the Alfa Romeo Spirito ambitious design is on brand with ardent efforts for pushing the limit. But before you start marking your calendar for a release date, this rendering is unfortunately nothing more than that. A personal project by industrial designer & CG Artist, Mehmet Doruk Erdem, realizes what it would be like for such a brand to take on two-wheel speed machine.

View from the front – you can not even make out it’s a motorcycle

View from the rear – transparent body flaunt seamless mechanics

His mockup stays pretty true to how the designers at Alfa Romeo would visualize their first motorcycle. An elongated nose for minimal wind resistance and transparent rear body to show off the impressive mechanics. Painted in AR’s signature Rosso Alfa red, and doting the brand’s four-leaf clover logo.

Even though Erdem’s design neglects any type of steering control or fender protection on fairly low-riding speedbike, the design is pretty dreamy and authentic to Alfa Romeo’s current values. Also it’s just fun to drool over some pretty exquisite graphics and fantasize about taking one of these bad boys for a spin.

Source and images: DesignBoom