Personal Tattoo Machine allows anyone to make their own tattoos

Personal Tattoo Machine allows anyone to make their own tattoos


A machine designed by a student at the Royal College of Art in London, promises to be a hit with tattoo lovers. The Personal Tattoo Machine allows anyone to tattoo their own body. The goal, according to the creator Jakub Pollág, is to democratize the tattoo industry.

“Personal Tattoo Machine democratizes the tattoo industry,” Pollág told Dezeen. “It puts a tool used only by a limited group of people into the hands of enthusiasts, who are seeking an alternative and unique way to permanently mark their meaningful memories onto their skin.”

Pollág was inspired by tattooing techniques developed by prisoners, but wanted to create a safer and easier to use mechanism. Instructions on how to sterilize parts and prep the skin comes in the user guide, along with ink and all that is needed to permanently tattoo the design onto skin.

“There is a missing link from the idea that you have in your head – what kind of tattoo you want – to execution done by someone else,” the designer said.

Since they are meant to be done by non-professionals, the tattoos created with Personal Tattoo Machine feature simple lines without any complex elaborations. And Pollág’s idea is precisely that. “I wanted to create a product that will again focus on tattoos that are more about the meaning,” he said.

The product, which was just finalized this past June is not for sale yet. The project is looking for investors to be marketed, which could happen at any time.

Source: Personal Tattoo Machine and Dezeen