Lexus reveals fully functional origami inspired car

Lexus reveals fully functional origami inspired car


Looking at the image above, a lot of people may think it is just a cardboard mockup of a Lexus IS – and a really good one at that. But believe me, that’s an actual fully-working vehicle. This is a real car created by Lexus with the best technology they can offer. Composed of approximately 1,700 pieces of cardboard sheets shaped with the help of precise cutting machines, the Origami Lexus IS, as called by the company, is a fairly faithful replica of a metal version.


Since we are talking about a real vehicle, it must, of course, move. And Origami Lexus IS can really do that – though not as fast as the original metal version – with the help of an electric motor. The Origami Lexus IS really is, in fact, a fully functional car, with the interior completely decorated, functional doors, and headlights. The project as a whole called for the efforts of design teams from the manufacturer as well as the help of several companies specialized in the material used for its creation. According to the official announcement from Lexus, it took three months to make this project a reality, since it required constant adjustments: a single mistake in gluing the pieces together requested that an entire part of the vehicle had to be redone.

“In effect we created our own vehicle production line,” Ruben Marcos, Scales and Models Company founder and director explained. “There was a lot of repetition in the process and we had to work with military precision, just like the teams that make the real Lexus cars.”

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Source and images: Lexus