Klikr – the next generation modular smartphone case

Klikr – the next generation modular smartphone case


Klikr might just be the next phone case you acquire but it’s not just something you will use to protect your smartphone, it’s much more than that. It has a fully built-in detachable camera that has some very interesting features as we will see in a bit. It also comes with its own selfie stick, a 2400 mAh battery and has a magnetic charging system. The Klikr is available for three smartphones; the iphone 6, iphone 6s and Samsung S6.


Klikr was designed to be as compact as possible while delivering the best performance it possibly can. In this sense, it perfectly fits your phone just like a regular phone case does.


The main idea behind the making of Klikr is to revolutionize the entire photo taking experience. First of all, the camera attached to the modular case is a robotic camera that has been designed with advanced micro-robotic technology. Basically what this means is that the camera can move or rotate on its own so that you can take pictures from a wide range of angles. The Klickr camera is also the smallest action camera available anywhere.

If you want to take group photos, the Klikr comes with a selfie stick that can extend up to 2 feet.

The camera can also be detached completely and laid on a surface with the selfie stick acting as support; this configuration is called the wand. The movement of the camera can also be controlled wirelessly from a distance of over 10 feet. The wand actually has its own battery so this makes it a fully functional camera, so to speak. It can connect with any smartphone via WiFi or Bluetooth.

If you just want a regular case for your phone, Klikr still has you covered. The Klikr can come in just the battery pack, without the camera and selfie stick. The battery pack contains a 2400 mAh battery which is equivalent to 24 hours of standby time, doubling the battery life of your smartphone.

One other interesting hardware feature of the Klikr is the magnetic charging system which also charges the system as a whole.


Klikr did more than just design a modular case for your smartphone. In order to fully capture the Klikr experience, an app was designed for it as well. It’s called Kapchaa. The essence of Kapchaa is creating an interface for a user to seamlessly integrate the hardware of Klikr with the software of their smartphone.

Kapchaa is a media and photo-sharing app that boasts, for the first time ever, a zero-click sharing mechanism. What it does is that it lets you capture, share and organize all the pictures you take within the same app.

It is fairly easy to notice that a lot of technology has been put into making Klikr a reality, so manufacturing it is quite expensive. This is why the Klikr team set up an Indiegogo campaign to help raise the funds required for mass production. They have already passed their $25,000 goal with 38 days to go. Here is a look at how they wish to spend the money.

And the following is the timeline.

Source: Indiegogo