Hydaway: A Water Bottle That Folds Down To Fit Your Pocket

Hydaway: A Water Bottle That Folds Down To Fit Your Pocket


Did you know that 90,000 plastic bottles are thrown away every minute in the US alone? Add that up and the amount of trash that plastic bottles sum up to is extremely big on a daily basis. If you take a look at the bigger picture, that’s 50 billion water bottles per year! To prevent them from making such a huge impact in the environment, the designer Niki Singlaub created Hydaway Bottle, a compact bottle that replaces the disposable plastic containers.

[Image Source: Hydaway]

The small and foldable silicone bottle is practical and stores up to 600 ml and collapses into just 3.2 cm in height when folded. Therefore, it is easy to store and carry around when traveling or specially when going on outdoorsy adventures which require more space in the backpack and, furthermore, reduces the amount of discarded waste. The product is also suitable for children, since it is simple to use, lightweight and made of safe material.

The idea of Hydaway began back in 2012 and after being completely developed, it started a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter in April 2015. Their campaign was so successful that the creators have raised over US$ 200,000 so far. The bottle can now be pre-ordered on their website for US$20 and is expected to ship in September.