Future-Shock: Triggered Degradation and Espionage

Future-Shock: Triggered Degradation and Espionage


“This spyware device will self-destruct in 60 seconds.” Sci-fi? No, it’s the design of the U.S. military’s VAPR (for Vanishing Programmable Resources) research and development progrm.

Research program manager Dr. Alicia Jackson says “VAPR will focus on developing and establishing a basic set of materials, components, integration, and manufacturing capabilities to undergird this new class of electronics defined by their performance and transience. This program follows on [DARPA research which demonstrated that a water droplet can dissolve electronic components of a transient electronic device including transistors, diodes, inductors, capacitors, and resistors together on a thin silk substrate] and seeks to develop the technology through the demonstration of a basic circuit.”

[Image Source: DARPA]

And you thought those “alien implant” stories were all just fantasies!