Everlasting Battery That Charges In 3 Seconds

Everlasting Battery That Charges In 3 Seconds


[Image Source: Pilo]

The classic AA batteries are bordering disuse in our everyday appliances, but there are those few devices that still rely on that good old battery. However, buying new batteries all the time became such a pain that they invented rechargeable batteries, that have since become a pain as well since we always have to charge them.

It was considering those contemporary users that Pilo was created, an AA battery that “lasts forever”, is sustainable (does not use hazardous chemicals in its composition) and inexpensive – only about €10. This is already a better bet over the competitors, but it also counts on differences that the others don’t have.

The Pilo is up to one hundred times more durable than ordinary batteries and has a really weird method of charging: you need to shake the object for three seconds so that the kinetic energy produced by the movement is converted into electricity.

In fact, before you start celebrating, know that the story is a bit strange: exact values and the details of the technology were not disclosed by the manufacturer. In an interview, Pilo’s Nicolas Toper said that the company is the smallest of several that are already testing this type of technology in a race that even includes Apple and Microsoft – but so far only they could be so efficient, inexpensive and environmentally friendly.

There is a huge opportunity in making electronic device “battery-less”. Imagine a world where your remote control always works. Think about your wireless mouse, your videogame controller,” said Toper, “This is what we want to make and sell. AA batteries are just the start of the journey.

For now, the prototypes are already finished and tested and the batteries are already on pre-sale on their website.