Electronic Skin Close To Reality With Self-Healing Sensors

Electronic Skin Close To Reality With Self-Healing Sensors


[Image Source: AP Breitbart Jerusalem]

Remember all those science fiction movies that showed cyborgs capable of self-repairing their skin? Remember how impossible that seemed? Well, it now appears that self-healing electronic skin is closer to reality than ever.

The ability of a human body to heal itself is undeniably amazing. Synthetic materials are lacking in this capacity, until now. Flexible sensors have shown up in every industry recently. One problem with them, however, is that they can be easily scratched and torn, potentially destroying their ability to function. Researchers in the Department of Chemical Engineering at the Israel Institute of Technology in Haifa, who were inspired by the healing properties of human skin, have developed healing sensors that can self-repair scratches or cuts.  The discovery uses a synthetic polymer which contains self-healing properties that mimic human skin. This means that electronic skin wounds can heal themselves in a short amount of time. It is capable of healing itself in just one day.

According to co-developer Professor Hossam Haick:

“The vulnerability of flexible sensors used in real-world applications calls for the development of self-healing properties similar to how human skins heals. Accordingly, we have developed a complete, self-healing device in the form of a bendable and stretchable chemiresistor where every part – no matter where the device is cut or scratched – is self-healing.” ~ ATS