Control what you hear and how you hear it with Here Active...

Control what you hear and how you hear it with Here Active Listening


Ever get tired of disturbing background noise that won’t let you focus or relax? What if you could not only cancel out all that noise but also control exactly what types of sounds you want to listen to or not? Here Active Listening is a gadget created by Doppler Labs that promises to give you control of what you hear and how you hear it.

“We have things to enhance every part of our lives, but when it comes to our ears, we’re told to just deal with it,” said Doppler Labs CEO and co-founder Noah Kraft. “We believe at Doppler that your listening experience can be way better than you could imagine, but you just need something you can proudly wear to accomplish that.”

The headphones, which were just launched on Kickstarter, works both to cancel out or to enhance noises. As mentioned above, it allows enormous control to those using it: making it possible to sit in absolute silence in the midst of incessant talk from dozens of people who are around you in a crowded restaurant, or filtering car noise while walking on the street.

All the noises can be controlled directly through an application available for Android and iOS devices. It comes with built-in pre-sets for specific situations and environments such as live shows, airplanes, offices and city and general volume controls of the environment.

Active Listening Here also has an equalizer that helps you pay more attention to or ignore certain types of melodies (a great choice for when one specific member of a band you are listening is not doing such a good job). As if it were not enough, there are even tools to add sound effects and filters to the environment, kind of like Instagram for your ears. Here also comes with a box capable of storing two extra charges for the headphones.

Of course, Here also has its limits though. Although it is capable of toning down noise, it is not able to completely cancel out sounds in very high volumes, for example. In addition, it also will not replace your headset when you want to listen to music – it only transforms real world audio.

Unfortunately, having this type of comfort and control will not come cheap. The Active Listening Here will cost US$249 when it hits the market, and even the lucky ones who invested sooner in the Kickstarter campain that will pay a not-so-friendly price of US$179 to get it.

Although it is a high price to pay, it seems that there have been lots of people interested in contributing to the project as Doppler Labs managed to hit 253% of it’s initial US$250,000 goal. Doppler Labs hopes to ship out its first units of Here Active Listening in December 2015.

Source: Kickstarter and Doppler Labs

Images: Doppler Labs