Communicate Without Any Phone Service With The GoTenna

Communicate Without Any Phone Service With The GoTenna


Being so dependent on wireless connectivity has caused us to feel helpless or useless in situations where we do not have cellphone network coverage or internet access via Wi-Fi. Beyond comfort, sometimes having access to internet or phone service is downright necessary. That’s why Daniela and Jorge Perdomo decided to create GoTenna, a wireless communication system that generates its own low frequency network for communication between devices that use it.

We often hear cases in which thousands of people remain cut off and stranded after a natural disaster. That’s the type of situation that inspired the creation of GoTenna. When you’re in a pickle, connect your cellphone to GoTenna via Bluetooth, and it creates its own closed network using low-frequency radio waves, offering you the ability to send messages and drop locations to another GoTenna. They are sold in pairs so that 2 phones can communicate with each other without the need for a cellphone network or Wi-Fi.

Besides sending messages and location, GoTenna also allows the user to consult offline maps. GoTennas can actually create a fairly hefty network depending on location, ranging up to a 50 mile radius in some places but in the city, due to all the buildings, the GoTenna can only communicate within a few miles.

Its batteries can last up to 72 hours with intermittent use, but if left on all the time, it lasts up to 30 hours. Once off, the battery remains charged for more than one year. Although it’s a little too big for your pocket, it can easily clip to a belt or a backpack.

[Image Source: GoTenna]

The GoTenna system is available in a special pre-order sale price of US $149 a pair for a limited time only. Once the company reaches it’s US$50,000 goal, the price goes up to US$299 a pair. If you are interested in this innovative and useful product, visit their official website.