Chrome is about to get a lot faster thanks to Google’s new...

Chrome is about to get a lot faster thanks to Google’s new algorithm


Chrome internet browser will soon be faster and use up less battery when used in smartphones. According to Google, this will happen thanks to the adoption of a new compression algorithm called Brotli.

This new algorithm, has now reached its final stages of development and is almost ready to be distributed to the users browser, according to Google’s web performance engineer Ilya Grigorik. Google had already announced the creation of Brotli back in September but didn’t provide details on its official launch.

The company states that Brotli will be between 20 to 26% more efficient than the current compression algorithm, Zopfli, adding that being able to compress more data will allow for faster page loading. But this development will not only affect the browser on computers: mobile devices will also have further benefits such as a lower data transfer fees and reduced battery consumption.

Specifically, data compression is a process that minimizes the volume of data to occupy less space making a page easier to load. That is, when data is compressed more effectively, you can browse the Internet more quickly.

According to The VergeFirefox will also adopt Brotli soon. But for now, you can expect the new features to be available in the next version of Chrome for desktops and smartphones.