Check out +8,000 photos taken by astronauts in NASA missions to the...

Check out +8,000 photos taken by astronauts in NASA missions to the moon


We have seen images of NASA’s Apollo missions before, but we have definitely NEVER seen anything like this. Kipp Teague has shared more than 8,400 photos – with incredibly good resolution- from NASA missions to the moon on Flickr .

The images are available in high resolution and can be downloaded for free. Kipp Teague told Planetary Society that “every photo taken on the lunar surface by astronauts with their chest-mounted Hasselblad cameras is included in the collection, along with numerous other Hasselblad photos shot from Earth and lunar orbit, as well as during the journey between the two.”

The images were restored after a lot of hard work: the portraits began to be scanned individually back in 2004 and it took him years to put together such a vast archive. The other Apollo missions that are not on the album will be added soon or are in the process of restoration.

Check out the Project Apollo Archive to see their incredible collection of Lunar mission photos.

Images and source: Project Apollo Archive