ARPANET, or How the Internet Was Born

ARPANET, or How the Internet Was Born


Nowadays we consider the Internet as something constant and in most of cases we can not imagine our every-day-life without it. But how the existence of the global network began? Who started everything?

[Image Source: Wikimedia]

In the following years ARPANET has been continuously growing, including more and more IMP‘s across USA. In 1973 the network went outside America, connecting via satellite link to the Norwegian Seismic Array. In the same year another IMP in London was connected to the network. In 1975 the control over ARPANET was taken by the Defense Communication Agency while ARPA was intended to fund advanced researches. 8 years later, in 1983, the network was divided by the US military, separating military from civil messages which led to the creation of MILNET (Military Network).

ARPANET was inherited by NSFNET and the first modern network in the world was shutdown in 1990.