A closer look at bedbugs

A closer look at bedbugs


They are one of the most feared things when moving to a big city or heavily populated area. Crime, traffic and even sky rocketing real estate prices don’t make people shriek the way dreaded BEDBUGS do. The worst part about them is they do not discriminate with neighborhoods — it doesn’t matter if you are in the slums or in some high-rise condo, you are susceptible to the villainous vermin.

Dr. James Logan of London School of tropical medicine becomes very interactive with one of his bedbug specimen to show how exactly these tiny pests can intake up to three times their weight in blood. He explains how their saliva contains a “cocktail of chemicals” that serve as anticoagulant as well as an anesthetic. Both of which aid this very evolving bug to keep you blood from clotting when sucking it out of your body while also releasing chemicals to allow you to feel very little of the bite itself.

Their reproduction is impressive as well, female bedbugs can lay up to 3 eggs per day and as many as 300 in its lifetime. They also have the ability to hitch hike their way in luggage and furniture, clinging on themselves OR even laying eggs on these objects to hatch later once inside your home. So be extra careful ensuring a full examination with your next purchase at a secondhand shop.

Source and images: BBC