10 most alien-like places on Earth

10 most alien-like places on Earth


Many of us have wondered about the existence of extraterrestrial life. And even if they do exist, how would they be like? How does their life differ than ours?

Based on this, there have been many illustrations of what alien life could be like. Films such as Star Wars and Avatar have given us a good idea of what they might possibly be like, if they even exist.

But perhaps we do not need to look that far to see alien-like places in the universe. Maybe we even have them right here, on planet Earth.

1.Mount Roraima, Brazil/Venezuela

This is one of the most unique mountains on the planet. Rather than having a wide base and a narrow peak like most mountains do, Mount Roraima is completely flat, resembling a plateau. What is also interesting about this mountain is that it has a lot of wild life and vegetation, something unprecedented for these kinds of geographical locations.

[Image Source: Daily Mail]

2.Fly Geyser, United States

Back in 1916, a well was dug somewhere in the ground in Nevada, the United States. The well had been funtional for over 45 years when suddenly, hot water started erupting from it. The salts dissolved from the ground started to accumulate as a result of this gushing hot water and over time, it developed into mounds of colorful mineral salts, turning it into a natural water fountain that shoots water up to five feet high.

[Image Source: markosun.wordpress.com]